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If you are the parent of a spiritual wanderer, you are not alone. BattleCry is a community of parents, waiting and believing, for the return of their prodigals. We comprise moms and dads from around the world that believe in the power of prayer. Our community prays together, hopes together, and fights together! We refuse to let Satan have our children. If you need support on this prodigal journey, please join us! Our motto is: NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!

Debbie Kansas
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Battle Cry is the group that I didn't know I needed. The support I get from other moms helps me make it through each day.
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I can't go a day without my Battle Cry family! I never feel alone anymore in my battle for my child.
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Battle Cry is an amazing group of moms! They give me prayer support and so many ideas on how to pray for my prodigal child.
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Thank GOD for Battle Cry!

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